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Monday, June 13, 2005

Life in America:

We live in Russia most of the year. We have been living there for 14 months, but we also lived in Russia for 19 months in 1994-96. Life in America is very different and we see it through new eyes now.

American's seem to be obsessed by:
  • New and bigger everything
  • Mindless TV
  • To much food
  • Worthless "News"

Why as Americans do we buy into the need to always upgrade, always get something newer, or better, or tastier? Do we really think it is important to know what Paris is doing today? Will our life be any different if we know who Tom Cruise is dating this week?

Friday, June 10, 2005

Our Son and Iraq

Our son, Jon Mark recently received notice of activation for full-time service in the U.S. army. This is his third activation. He recently departed for Ft. Benning Georgia where he will receive advanced training. From there he will presumably deploy to Iraq.

As parents we have mixed feelings. We are proud of his service to our country and his patriotism. We are concerned about what awaits him. We worry about his young wife left behind. We mourn for all the soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice of their lives in Iraq, and we also mourn for the thousands of dead and wounded Iraqi citizens, the orphaned children, the widows.

We believe that Saddam was a bad guy and needed to go, but we wonder if there was a better way to resolve the political probems in Iraq. None of this wondering and second guessing will change the present reality so we continue to pray for peace, stability and freedom in Iraq.

What do you think? Should we be in Iraq? Is it wise to bring freedom through a military invasion of a country? I have no answers, just questions.