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Friday, June 10, 2005

Our Son and Iraq

Our son, Jon Mark recently received notice of activation for full-time service in the U.S. army. This is his third activation. He recently departed for Ft. Benning Georgia where he will receive advanced training. From there he will presumably deploy to Iraq.

As parents we have mixed feelings. We are proud of his service to our country and his patriotism. We are concerned about what awaits him. We worry about his young wife left behind. We mourn for all the soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice of their lives in Iraq, and we also mourn for the thousands of dead and wounded Iraqi citizens, the orphaned children, the widows.

We believe that Saddam was a bad guy and needed to go, but we wonder if there was a better way to resolve the political probems in Iraq. None of this wondering and second guessing will change the present reality so we continue to pray for peace, stability and freedom in Iraq.

What do you think? Should we be in Iraq? Is it wise to bring freedom through a military invasion of a country? I have no answers, just questions.



Anonymous said...

Saddam was a bad guy and the world is better off without him. I don't belive American soldiers should die to police the the world from evil unless it is a direct threat to America. I believe, America and all Americans belived he was. As for the continued war in Iraq, Since there was no contraband (WMD) found we ought to leave immediately. We have no business nor right to stay. No American soldier should die trying to save or protect the rights of foriegn civillians.American tax payers should not burden the cost of building a democracy for a foriegn country. It is time to leave.

Pelham NH USA

Michael and Karen McDonald said...

Mark, Thanks for your comment. Our son is from Lowell MA. Now stationed in Kuwait.

The war stinks but so do dictatorships

johneames said...

If "anonymous" believes his own words, the US had no right to be in Europe in either 1917 or in 1941 - in which case we might al be living under global tyranny today. How about if we just stand back and allow the genocide to continue in Darfur? Should we haev stayed away from Bosnia? Should we have sent the troops into Iraq? I admit to being conflicted over that. I do believe that when we observe egregious evil perpetrated against vulnerable, defenseless people we (the US) has an obligation to respond.

By the way "anonymous," one of the reason's evil succeeds is because people choose anomymity.

Nashville, TN USA

Anonymous said...

It is nice to know there are people like Johneames,living in the world who care about all. As do I. America is the leader in world peace and the savior of many mankind. What makes America great is it's Demoracy. "People decide" America has a constiution which expects and mandates our president to protect Americans from any clear and present danger to America. To do nothing is treason. If President Bush believed as the world did that Saddam had WMD and could put them in the hands of terrorists, there was a clear and present danger and Saddam needed to be removed. President Bush was given approval by the majority of the People to go to war in Iraq based on the assumption of WMD and a clear & present danger. It was time to leave when they found none. What do you think the American people would have said to the president if he asked for permission to go to war to build a democracy in Iraq. American soldiers put their lives on the line. The Volunteer to serve their country and I honor them for their bravery. We should not and ought not ask them to build a democracy abroad and risk their lives for people who would rather see Americans and jews wiped off the face of the earth. Those who believe we should stray from the constitution and to suit their own agenda and idealogical beliefs are enemies of the constitution, otherwise known as terrorists.