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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Ministry Opportunity

We have an invitation to visit the country of Georgia (south of Russian and a part of the former Soviet Union) in June. The trip would be an exploratory trip to meet church leaders and assess an possible involvment in ministry there. Foursquare currently has no churches or missionaries working in Georgia.

We don't have the finances available for the trip in our regular operating budget. The total cost for the trip would be $850.00, which would cover all our travel expenses for the week. Food and lodging would be provided by local believers. We are mentioning this trip in order to make people aware of the opportunity and to ask anyone interested in sponsoring this trip to contact us via email at . Should the finances not become available we will assume that the Lord has other plans for now.


Mike and Karen

Visa Update

Entrance to Old Tallinn - Church Door - Old Tallinn
On April 25 we will be leaving Nizhny Novgorod by train, going to Moscow, and then taking the overnight train to Tallinn, Estonia. In Tallinn we will work on a new visa which will allow us to stay in Russia for another three months. This is our second trip to Tallinn. We made the same trip last month and were only able to receive a 30 day tourist visa, which allowed us to briefly return to Russia.

We are currently waiting for the regional authorities to approve our 3 year residency visa. We are hoping that we will receive this much needed document in the next three months. Otherwise we will need to leave Russia in early August, and apply for another 1 year religious workers visa.

Please pray with us for the successful completion of the 3 month visa and our receiving the 3 year visa soon. Please pray the the necessary funds will be provided to cover the expense of our travels.
Old City Tallinn View of Tallinn city street The medieval city wall -Tallinn

Good Shepherd Church is Born!

This month we are celebrating the official birth of the first Foursquare church in the Nizhny Novgorod area!
The church meets in a rented room in this cultural hall.

Good Shepherd Foursquare Church is now a reality. We have been working with Pastor Nikolai for 6 months building relationships, casting vision and providing support. During this time Nikolai has gathered and merged two separate house groups and established a weekly worship service. One of the brothers, who is a Christian businessman, has located this hall and pays for the rental.
Children at church

The church meets together on Saturday morning and has an average attendance of 16 adults and 6-8 children.

Pastor Nick has been busy working with the national Foursquare leadership to begin the process of legally registering the church. The church now meets on the lower side of the city, across the Oka river. Nikolai is considering moving the location to the upper side of the city, where there are currently very few congregations.
Pastor Nick and Andre