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Monday, February 23, 2009

Colorado Rocky Mountain High - with apologies to John Denver

As I write this Karen and I are in Lakewood, Colorado. We will be here through the middle of March and we are enjoying a long visit with our oldest daughter, Jessica and her family. While in the Denver area we will be connecting with several area Foursquare churches.

Today we spoke at Hope Boulder, the Foursquare church in Boulder CO.
Hope Boulder is pastored by Dan Scheller

This was our first visit to this congregation. We really had a good morning getting to know the people of this church and telling them about our passion for Russia and the work that we do there. After the service we shared a wonderful meal at a local restaurant. This was a lot of fun because it gave us a chance to spend more personal time getting to know people. This church was real blessing to us today in every way and we are looking forward to a long relationship together as we all seek to expand the work of the Kingdom both in Russia and in America.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's Been Too Long

Its has been more than 3 weeks since I have updated our blog. This post should catch you up on our adventures during this extended time in America.

Karen and I spent 8 days in Los Angeles last month. It was great time and we really enjoyed the sunshine and relaxation. On the 22nd of January we flew back to Boston and then traveled to our home in Nashua, NH along with our Russian friends Sveta Kuzmentseva and Pastor Dmitry Zaborski. We spent a few days relaxing, help Dmitry and Sveta shop for their families, and visited with friends and family. We had a lot of fun, but being with Sveta and Dmitry made Karen and I realize how much we miss Russia and all of our friends there.

On Sunday January 25 Pastor Dmitry preached at our home church, Hope Chapel of Nashua. It was a great morning and Dmitry was happy and excited. He preached a strong message of encouragement and challenged people to grow up in the Lord.
Dimitry & Sveta
at Hope Chapel Nashua New Hampshire

Afterwards we all went to our daughter, Erin's home and had pizza for lunch and spent the afternoon with family and friends.
On the 27th of January we took Dmitry and Sveta to Logan International airport in Boston and bid them goodbye as they set off on the return trip to Russia. We really enjoyed their visit and are anxious to see them again when we return to Russia in April.

The following Sunday, February 1 we were in Gardiner ME where we spoke at Calvary Foursquare Church, which is led by Pastor Terri Orewiler. We had great time at the church sharing with the congregation about our work in Russia. We really enjoyed getting to know people better and look forward to a long relationship with this great congregation.
Pastor Terri Orewiler
On Sunday February 8 we spoke at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Jaffrey, NH. This congregation has been supporting us since 2004. We love visiting the church and speaking there. We had the good fortune on this visit to spend time after church at the home of Rob and Stephanie Kectic who are pastors of the church. We love these guys and feel a real kinship with them.

Rob and Stephanie Kectic

This week our car has had problems. We are looking at a $1700.00 repair bill. Life is challenging and exciting. We need a car to itinerate and we bought this car used just for this season in America so that we would not have to beg and borrow a car every week. We love the car but are not too happy about the repair bill. Such is life.

Over the last two weeks Karen and I have made the decision to become vegetarians. This was not an easy decision, but it is one we are glad we have made. It certainly has caused some interesting discussions. We would actually like to be vegan (at least in our eating habits) but it seems a bit impractical in Russia where food choices are much more limited.