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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Good Shepherd Church is Born!

This month we are celebrating the official birth of the first Foursquare church in the Nizhny Novgorod area!
The church meets in a rented room in this cultural hall.

Good Shepherd Foursquare Church is now a reality. We have been working with Pastor Nikolai for 6 months building relationships, casting vision and providing support. During this time Nikolai has gathered and merged two separate house groups and established a weekly worship service. One of the brothers, who is a Christian businessman, has located this hall and pays for the rental.
Children at church

The church meets together on Saturday morning and has an average attendance of 16 adults and 6-8 children.

Pastor Nick has been busy working with the national Foursquare leadership to begin the process of legally registering the church. The church now meets on the lower side of the city, across the Oka river. Nikolai is considering moving the location to the upper side of the city, where there are currently very few congregations.
Pastor Nick and Andre

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