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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Three Year Visa Received!

"Your are now officially residents of the Russian Federation!"

These words, which we have been waiting to hear for the last 12 months, were finally said as we received the official 3 year residency stamp in our passport at the local immigration office.

The process was long and at times frustrating. We completed and filed numerous forms. We retrieved documents and official paperwork from America. A local Russian church and pastor vouched for us and filed documents repeatedly. Because of delays we needed to leave the country twice to renew our current visa. Russian friends accepted legal responsibility for our staying in Russia, and several friends worked for hours doing paperwork, filing forms and visiting offices with us. Through it all we kept our focus on the long term goal – residency status, something which few missionaries receive.

We want to thank all of you who encouraged us and prayed for us throughout the process. Your prayers have made a difference and we now can hold the result of those prayers in our hands!

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