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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Automobile Victory Update!

We Have Reached Our Goal!

We are excited because we are now only $2650.00$1800.00

$1750.00 $0.00 away from being able to purchase a vehicle! Since we mailed our last monthly newsletter and posted the article in the sidebar of this page, we have received a total of









towards our needed $2650.00

A big thank you to all of our friends who have contributed toward this purchase. If anyone would like to make a contribution toward the final amount please send a check to our home church "Harvest" or "The Harvest Community" and mail it to

PO Box 4878
Manchester, NH

Please include a note saying that the funds are for the "vehicle purchase".

Any gift received over the initial purchase price will be used to purchase a set of "snow" tires, a roof rack and possibly some other upgrades. We will plan to make the purchase in July and will update this story then.

If you give, it would be great to receive an email from you letting us know so we can track the funds as they are sent. You can send an email to

Thanks You So Much!

Mike and Karen

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