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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Today is a national holiday here. It is Russia day, so many people have the day off and are enjoying public celebrations or family time. It has been about two weeks since we have posted anything. One reason is that we have been busy, and another reason is because I loaned out my laptop to a friend, Sasha, who had a need to use it.

Sasha works for Agape, a Christian organization located here in Nizhny Novgorod where among other things he works in book publishing. About six weeks ago while playing soccer Sasha had a terrible accident. He was hanging off the soccer goal and it fell over and crushed his face! He had severe facial injuries and may lose all sight in one eye. Much of the damage has been repaired though he just had another operation. So, while he sits in the hospital, he needed a laptop to do some work. As Karen and I each have a laptop I loaned mine to Sasha for about 10 days. That slowed down my computing a bit, but helped a friend in need.

Keep your eyes open and over the next few days we will catch up on the news with several new posts.

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