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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Our New BAZ 21310 NIVA

Well we finally have it, our new car!

Here we are at the dealership after we had just put the license plate on the car.

Earlier this week we made a visit to a local dealer and found the car which we wanted to buy. It had the 1.8 liter motor we wanted and was in metallic blue, one of our preferred colors. We made a down payment that day and then began the process of official paperwork and financial transactions that we had to complete before we could take possession of the car.

On Saturday the 20th, we got up early to complete everything that we needed to do, including exchanging U.S. dollars for Russian rubles, and then we went to the dealership, made the payment in cash and signed all the registration and insurance papers. All this took about 3 hours, but when it was done we drove away in our new car!

We really like the car, but it is definitely a Russian made vehicle. It is light weight and much of the interior is plastic. There is no power steering, which takes some serious adjustment, and it is much noisier than a Western or Japanese car. Being Russian made, it will be easier and less expensive to repair and to insure. All in all we are thrilled to have our own vehicle.

We want to send a great big THANK YOU to everyone who gave and prayed for this vehicle. Another big THANK YOU goes to our friend, teacher and helper Sveta Kuzmentseva and her husband Sergei. Without their help we could not have done all the things needed to purchase this car.

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