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Friday, March 14, 2008

Another Body in the Street

We were watching the nightly news last night and we saw another young person who had jumped from a balcony and killed themselves. The body was lying in the street with a blanket covering it, while people walked by indifferent to what they were seeing.

This is not unusual here in Russia. We see a drug overdose or suicide almost every week on TV. We often wonder how many never make it to the TV screen. A spirit of hopelessness grips so many people here. How hopeless they must be to stand on a balcony and jump to their death.

One of our friends tried this several years ago. She was a lucky one. She survived and later gave here life to Christ. Now, despite being crippled, in a wheelchair and jobless, she radiates peace and joy. Only faith in Christ can bring about this kind of change in a person's life.

When we see those who have killed themselves by suicide or the longer death of drug addiction an overdose we are reminded why we are here, living away from our family. Our calling is to preach the Gospel- the GOOD NEWS. Jesus said in John 10:10b "I came that they might have life , and might have it abundantly". The Gospel brings life. We see it every time we go to the rehab center or homeless shelter. Lives are being changed, people are receiving hope and families are being restored. We long for the day when we will stop seeing people killing themselves from despair and loss of hope. We covet your prayers as we minister here.

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