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Friday, April 11, 2008

Ground Broken for First Building!

Cornerstone Church has a large vision. That vision is to reach thousands of drug addicts and their families, continue to grow the original church, plant several more congregations in Nizhny Novgorod, begin a Bible School, send missionary teams to other cities and countries and build a permanent church structure.

This past fall the church was able to purchase land outside of the city for a permanent rehab center. The land is in a small village about 50 kilometers outside the city. There were originally two small log homes, a couple of outbuildings and a banya.

A team of guys moved to this location and began preparing to renovate for a permanent rehab center. Unfortunately the banya caught fire and burned to the ground. With no running water on the property the banya is the only means of bathing, and so the guys had to return to the city for the winter and the plans were put on hold till this spring. Over the winter the church was challenged to give monthly offerings specifically for building this center. Recently a team moved back to the location and work has begun.

The oldest log home was taken down, and in general the land had been cleared and cleaned. The work is ongoing. This week a foundation for a new building was begun. The building will be two floors, made of brick and measure roughly 18'x36'. Here are some photos of the work.

At the Center
Early Morning Sun

The Building to be Torn Down

The Burned Banya

Karen Cleaning the Grounds

The House Coming Down

Karen Raking

Cooking Lunch on an Open Fire

Michael & a Brother Tossing a Log

More Lunch Preparation

The Center Bedding

Almost Down!

Karen and a Friend

Digging a Foundation by Hand

Foundation Materials Delivered

Dragging 500 lb Foundations Blocks

Now I know how the Pyramids were built!

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