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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Dead Man in the Park

That's how the news began yesterday. There was a dead drug addict lying in the park near a school. Lying next to him was a used needle and some drugs. Children from the school had found him, told their teachers and the authorities came to see. No one was surprised, he was just another dead drug addict. The kids had seen the body and didn't seem concerned or bothered.

The next story was about two more dead addicts. One was found dead in an apartment, needle lying next to him. The third young man was lying in a pool of blood, in an apartment stairwell. The neighbors who were standing around said he OD'ed and fell dead, down the stairs smashing his head.

I was really shocked when the next two features were about a drug addict and an alcoholic, both young males. The young addict, while high on drugs, had thrown himself out of a ten story window. His body lay broken on the sidewalk while people walked by as if it were an everyday incident. One young neighbor said, "Yeah, he was an addict, what do you expect?"

The last young man had also gone out a window. Whether it was suicide or an accident was unclear.

Five young men.


In one day.

This city is in a fight for itself and most people hardly notice. Young people are killing themselves with drugs and alcohol because they have no purpose to live any other way. It is in times like this that I realize how desperately important the drug rehab work of Cornerstone Church is. Because of the outreach to addicts and their families, lives are being changed. The church receives over 30 phone calls every day asking for help. Those who come and enter into the program have a great chance of becoming free from their addictions when they hear the Gospel and come to understand that they were created with a purpose, for a purpose to love and be loved by their Maker.

We are in a war here. We covet your prayers for both Karen and I and the Russian church that we serve.

Michael & Karen

A Living Addict
We came across this man on a walk one day

Drugs lie on the steps beside him


Vanessa said...

Thank God for your work. Yes, it is vitally important. I lived in Moscow for four years and worked with orphans and street kids. It is good for you to show these pictures, even though they are shocking, because that is what is really happening. Thank you for being truthful. May the Lord give you strength!

Toni Gale said...

As a former drug addict, your work touches me. I know God is using you mightily to bring hope to the lost.
Thank you for serving the King of Kings.

inpatient treatment said...

Yes, it's true that everybody has a purpose in this world. Life is precious and shouldn't be destroyed by drugs or alcohol. That is why the people and most especially those who are young must be very well informed, about drugs and alcohol, in order for them to avoid those things which brings harm.