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Monday, February 23, 2009

Colorado Rocky Mountain High - with apologies to John Denver

As I write this Karen and I are in Lakewood, Colorado. We will be here through the middle of March and we are enjoying a long visit with our oldest daughter, Jessica and her family. While in the Denver area we will be connecting with several area Foursquare churches.

Today we spoke at Hope Boulder, the Foursquare church in Boulder CO.
Hope Boulder is pastored by Dan Scheller

This was our first visit to this congregation. We really had a good morning getting to know the people of this church and telling them about our passion for Russia and the work that we do there. After the service we shared a wonderful meal at a local restaurant. This was a lot of fun because it gave us a chance to spend more personal time getting to know people. This church was real blessing to us today in every way and we are looking forward to a long relationship together as we all seek to expand the work of the Kingdom both in Russia and in America.

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Jeff Rockwell said...

Hey Mike and Karen! Welcome to CO!
Andy and I are still planning to lunch with you on the 4th.
Send me an Email, if you would, with a phone # and we can put a plan together!