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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Serving the Homeless and Addicted

Karen and I are Foursquare missionaries and serve as associate pastors in Cornerstone Church, Nizhny Novgorod. This church is one of over 60 churches in the Association of Cornerstone Churches, a Russian church planting movement. Each church has as a foundational ministry an ongoing drug rehabilitation program and many of the churches also have a church based ministry to the homeless.

Listening to Teaching at the Homeless Center
As a part of our responsibilities, every week Karen and I teach at both the local drug rehabilitation center and the homeless center which is actually called the Social Center for Rehabilitation.

More of those who live at the Homeless Center
Currently the drug rehabilitation center has about 40 young men and women enrolled in the program and at last count there were 37 older men and women living at the Social Center, most of who have struggled with alcohol addiction.

Our Brothers & Sisters
Formerly homeless and without a family
Now they have both.

We want to emphasize that these ministries are the PRIMARY MINISTRIES of the church! They are church operated and funded. The church focuses on outreach to those within society who have fallen through the cracks, the addicted, the homeless, the hungry, the prisoners, as well as the families of these people. As a result the church, which is now just over three years old, is made up almost entirely of former drug addicts, homeless people and those who have been in prison. Over 80% of the congregation has come to faith within the last two years! This is phenomenal!

Worship at the Drug Rehab Center

Karen and I are so privileged to be a small part of the ministry of this church. We love our assignment and we love the Russian people with whom we work. We daily thank God for allowing us to be here, to see lives changed and to see the Power of the Gospel expressed in such very practical ways.
The Joy of Freedom!

Some of the Young Sisters
Former Addicts

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