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Saturday, February 05, 2011

A Day In The Life

On Friday we drove north of the city to the town of Balakhnah to teach at the Cornerstone rehab center, and then later we drove to the town of Gorodets to teach at the homeless shelter also operated by Cornerstone Church. Here are some photos and video of the day.

 The view as we leave our driveway

On the road to our co-worker Sveta's  apartment

People double park right in the road!

 The side street where Sveta lives

We saw this Hummer2 Pick-up on the way!

The sign below the large yellow sign is an advertisement for Viagra - only 100rubles! (about $3)

Going towards the river from the center of the city. 

Down the hill to the new bridge

And, over the river we go

A church on the lower side of the river

Traveling through the lower city

And finally, an hour after we leave our apartment, we are at the edge of the city. 
Traffic was not bad this day

On the open road outside the city

1/2 hour later we see the driveway to the rehab center

The Banya/washroom and laundry drying outside

Worship with the rehabilitants

More worship - peoples' lives being changed

17 people at the center presently
They are asking the Lord to send them 50

On the road, heading to Zavolzhe and then Gorodets
Snow and freezing rain was falling

After stopping at the supermarket to buy fruit for our friends at the homeless center,
we are on the road driving across the dam on the Volga river and it is getting darker.

By the time we arrive in Gorodets it is dark and snowing 

The snow covered dirt road to the homeless center.
In the spring it is a sea of mud.

This is the small kitchen inside the homeless center
 for the current population of about 20 people.
The house has two small bedrooms, a large living room and this kitchen
Most of the homeless are sleeping on mattresses on the floor.

Some of the brothers and sisters at the center.
  We hear some great stories of God's grace here.
What we see when we are driving

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