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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Book Reviews

The Key to Everything: By Jack Hayford

Recently I completed reading the book “The Key to Everything”, by Pastor Jack Hayford. Pastor Jack is also the President of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel. . The book is published by creation House publishers and the ISBN # is 0-88419-415-9.
“The Key to Everything”, is an excellent book based upon the theme of giving. This is not another charismatic book on the blessing of financial tithing, but rather a book about the blessing of giving; giving love, forgiveness, acceptance, as well as giving financially. Hayford says that our attitude toward giving in any area of our life is the “key” to receiving the blessings of God. I was both encouraged and convicted while reading my way through this book. At no time does the book encourage manipulative or emotional giving.

In each chapter Hayford uses both personal anecdotes and scriptural teaching to share on different aspects of giving. I would encourage pastors to study this book closely and use it for teaching outlines in his or her congregation. The teaching is well balanced and Scriptural.

Territorial Spirits and World Evangelism: By Chuck Lowe

Territorial Spirits and World Evangelism is written by missionary Chuck Lowe, and published by Mentor/OMF. The ISBN # is 185792399-5.

In the last ten years a large number of books have been written about the theme of spiritual warfare and territorial spirits. Many of the books have been written by Peter Wagner or associates of his ministry. While I have a great deal of respect for Peter Wagner I do believe that at times he goes a bit overboard. Territorial Spirits and World Evangelism is a good counter-balance.

This book is described as “A Biblical, historical and missiological critique of Strategic-Level Spiritual Warfare”. I found it to be well balanced and reasonably well written. I do not necessarily agree with all of Lowe’s conclusions, but I do think that the book is a good balance to some of the wilder theories concerning spiritual warfare.

The book is written from a non-charismatic/non-Pentecostal viewpoint, and should be considered in that light. Lowe is not a cessationist in theology and at no time does he dismiss the idea of the need for spiritual warfare. He does however take exception with some of the current teaching propagated by Wagner.

Lowe offers his rational for a different approach to spiritual warfare, a model based upon the life work of James Fraser, a missionary to the Far East at the turn of the twentieth century.

Overall I enjoyed this book very much. I would recommend it to anyone who has read Wagner’s books on the subject.

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