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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Terrorists in Russia

If you have not heard, terrorists attacked a city in Southern Russia today. The attack was in a city called Nal'Chik. 60-80 people may be dead. Russian news is not very reliable and the death and injury counts are generally not correct. We will be close to this area next week attending a conference. We will probably be about 8 hours away from this town.

The terrorists are from the break-away territory of Chechnya. There is a 150 year or older history of bad blood, murder and genocide between the Chechens and the Russians. Russia conquered this area over 150 years ago. Stalin killed hundreds of thousands in the 1940s. The Chechens were deported enmasse to Siberia in the 1940s. The whole area is a mess and no one knows how to fix it. Add to this mix Muslim extremists and you can understand why this area is in turmoil.

Pray for the believers in this area. Russian Protestants are in extreme danger there.

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