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Friday, March 10, 2006

Prayer Request

Those of you who receive our newsletter know that we have been asking for your prayers for God to supply the needed finances to purchase a vehicle for our use here in Russia. We are asking all of you who read this to please continue to pray with us. We really need a vehicle. It is not a matter of convenience, though it would be convenient in some ways.

A vehicle would help to expedite ministry here in Russia. We work in an area that is nearly the size of all three northern New England states. We have opportunities to minister in several towns and villages on a regular basis and we could expand this if we could travel more readily.

Warm weather is approaching, which is the ideal time for outdoor, village evangelism. We are trying to encourage Russian pastors and church planters to think beyond having one local church. We want to help them plant several churches and set up a circuit of preaching points much like the old Methodist circuit riders in America. This will allow for much more rapid expansion of church planting and allow a pastor/preacher to draw support from several small congregations, freeing him or her up to minister more easily.

Pray with us that we will receive the needed funds to purchase a new or good quality used Russian made 4 wheel drive vehicle. The one pictured here is an UAZ. It is a rugged, dependable vehicle, capable of traveling anywhere in Russia despite deep snow, rutted village roads and mud. A new UAZ sells for about $10,500.00 and a good used one would be about $7000.00. We would like to purchase one of these or a Russian manufactured KIA Sportage.

Pray with us as we seek the Lord of the harvest to equip us for the harvest.

Michael and Karen
Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

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