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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Film Showing in Zavolzha

On Saturday March 11 we joined Eduard and Vadim in Zavolzha for another outreach film showing. We again rented a local movie theater and advertised a free showing of a film. The guys choose the Billy Graham film “A Vow to Cherish”. The film is the story of a family in America who finds out that the wife/mother has Alzheimer’s disease. The film shows the struggles the family goes though and especially how, despite temptation, the husband stays faithful to his ailing wife, keeping the vow he had made to cherish her in sickness and in health.

About 30 people came to the film, and as usual Eduard and Vadim gave a brief talk afterwards. Everyone who attended received literature and an invitation to the house group. The guys where encouraged by the response and hope to follow-up on several interested attendees.

On another note, Eduard gave me an update on the two young men whom we have sent to the rehab center. They are doing well in their first two weeks. The plan is to have them at the center for 3 months and afterwards try and help them re-establish a normal life by finding housing and jobs for them. Please pray for these two young men. They continue to face a whole series of difficulties as they seek to follow Christ and change their lives.

If you would be interested in helping underwrite the $600.00 cost for their stay at the rehab center, drop us and email at and we will tell you how you may do so.

If you have the time, read the posts before this as this is the third post we have put up in the last week. The post "Adventure in Vacha" has a number of photos you might enjoy.


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