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Monday, July 02, 2007

Leaving on a Jet Plane, don't know when....

I am two hours away for leaving for a Pastors and leaders conference in the town of Achinsk, located 2000 miles away in Siberia. I just wanted to do a quick post because it will be about two weeks before I can post again.

We had a great time at church yesterday. Cornerstone church grows every week, by conversion growth. This week 6 people prayed a prayer of repentance. They each received a New Testament and an invitation to a home cell group. Sorry for not having photos I left my camera home today.

Two more people graduated from the rehab program. Maria entered 3 months ago. She was high, depressed and angry at everyone the first week. It was a joy to watch her over the last three months as she came to Christ and began to change. She is now a radiant young woman with hope and joy. She was at church the first time with her young daughter. This is another life and family restored by the power of the Gospel.

Ivan, received a 6 month certificate, showing that he had graduated from both 3 month courses. He came to me after church and said, "Michael....there is this young woman I have met and we are thinking of possibly marrying. Would you be willing to allow us to visit the pre-marrieds class even though the course has already begun?" Of course I said yes. We will be praying for and helping this young couple as they continue to mature in their faith and grow in their relationship with one another.

Thank you for your prayers for us, this ministry and the people of Russia. We are seeing some very good fruit here and we covet your prayers and support as we partner together.

Thank You

Michael and Karen

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