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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Leadership Camp

Part of my trip to Siberia (see entry below) included attendance at a camp for pastors and leaders. The camp was attended by about 75 people and lasted two days. We enjoyed teaching sessions, recreational activities, the Banya for men (in a tent in 90 degree weather), and swimming in the local lake.

Here are some photos from the camp.

Main Meeting Hall

Worship Time
Pastor Sergei-far left
Lead Pastor of the Cornerstone movement

Waiting for Lunch

I shared the floor, four thin mattresses
and four blankets with five guys

One of the Cabins

The Outhouse

My Best Friend at Camp


Inheritor of Heaven said...

I don't recall how I found your blog...probably just hit "next blog" or perhaps you are linked on someone elses. In any case, thanks for sharing. It is very encouraging and sparks a desire to go.

Anonymous said...

What a great blog! I could catch the spirit of your trip.
I have experienced the excitement and challenge of a trip like that. We have a strong connection into Oaxaca Mexico and have done many conferences down there. We are now supporting indigenous church planters in that same region. We hope to be going down again in November.
I am so encouraged by the fact that those pastors are former drug and alcohol addicts. Man, my vision needs to be lifted or maybe my faith needs to be expanded. I find myself so "in a box" and putting everyone else in it as well
(God too) Lord, help me!
Mike, I'm sure you feel as I do that when I am ministering to men like that I feel so unworthy and humbled to be part of what God is doing.
Thank you for the report. I enjoy our communication!
Yours in Christ,