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Monday, April 16, 2007

2 Anniversaries

On the 12th of April we celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary. The Lord has been good to us. We still love each other. We have faced no major tragedies. We have 3 wonderful adult children and 6 beautiful grandkids. We are doing what we want with our lives and love being in Russia. How could we ask for more than that?

We celebrated by going to the ballet! Friends of ours, a Russian couple who are a part of our couple's Bible Study, bought tickets for us, themselves and their daughter and we all went to see "Esmeralda". It was a lot of fun. The Opera/Ballet House is only 3 blocks from our apartment. Afterwards we treated the group to cappuccino and desert at a local coffee shop.

The other anniversary was on the 30 of March when we celebrated our 3rd year here in Nizhny Novgorod! It hardly seems possible that we have been here that long. We have built many solid relationships, seen 1 small church birthed and another one hoped for. We have begun a relationship with an indigenous church planting movement that we believe will lead to greatly increased fruitfulness over the next few years.

Thank You to all our supporters. We couldn't be here without your faithful prayers and sacrificial giving.

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