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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Women Keep Silent! and Graduation

On Friday the 27th of April we again visited the drug rehab center which is operated by Cornerstone Church.

On our previous visit we had a question from one of the young men, who asked, “What does the Bible mean when Paul tells women that they must keep silent in church?" We promised to deal with the topic on our next visit. So this week Karen gave a teaching about the subject of women, submission, and ministry. She encouraged the women to enjoy their freedom in Christ and to minister in the gifts that God has given them. We believe that the totality of Scripture teaches the equality of women and men both in life and in ministry.

Speaking of the women at the rehab, these two young women in the center of the photo below who’s lives had been devastated by drug addictions are graduating from the first phase of the program this week! They are wonderful examples of the power and grace of God working through this ministry to addicts. We have been blessed by having a part in their discipleship. They will take a week away to visit their families and then begin the second three months of the rehab course, living in a group apartment in the city and re-establishing a more normal lifestyle. One of the women is considering the possibility of ministry as a vocation in the future.

Two Graduates with Karen and Sveta, our Friend and Translator
The House at the Rehab Center
A Shed with Bedding Being Aired
There is no washing machine at the center
The Woodpile
All heating and cooking is down with wood

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john eames said...

It sounds like you're have having a significant impact in the lives of a few women. Nice work.