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Saturday, April 21, 2007

New Rehab Center for the Homeless!

As we have mentioned in several entries, we are working with an indigenous church planting movement called "Cornerstone". In Nizhny Novgorod they have a new church that ministers to many drug addicts. We have been teaching at this rehab center every week We really enjoying doing so and watching the lives of these young men and women change.

Pastor Dmitry and his team have a big vision. They have been talking about opening a center for homeless men. The center will house them, teach them the Good News, rehabilitate them and get them back on their feet working as productive citizens. One of the things we really like about Dmitry and the church is that they are doers, and not just talkers. This last week they opened the new center! It is only in it's infancy but we believe that many men and women will come to know Christ through this center.

We had the privilege of being asked to go to the center for a visit and pray a prayer of blessing over it. The Lord spoke to us and said it will be a house of refuge and healing. This week Karen and I will be purchasing some dishes and other kitchen items for this new center.

In America when we hear about a "rehab center" we probably have a mental picture of a reasonably decent place to live with a well trained staff and nice facility. In Russia, a rehab center is typically a village style house with an outhouse and few other amenities. Here are a few photos of the new "Social Rehabilitation Center for Homeless People".

These Two Guys
live at and will help operate the center
The Outhouse
Walking up to the House
Inside the Small Home
Ten people will eventually live here

The Living and Sleeping Area
We will Teach Bible Studies Here
The Entryway

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