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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ministry and Pollution - Dzerzhinsk Russia

Outside of the "Chemical Palace"
Dzerzhinsk, Russia
The city auditorium, so named because of the
chemical plants of the Dzerzhinsk region

Our family lived in the city of Dzerzhinsk, Russia for 19 months in 1994-96. We knew then that the city was considered highly polluted. The city is nicknamed "The Chemical City" because of the local chemical manufacturing plants in the area. We noticed a lot of unusual illnesses and even most of the pigeons had birth defects! It still surprises us, however, when we see that the city is still listed as one of the ten top polluted cites in the world.

Here are a couple of interesting links about the city and it's pollution problems.

Even today we live only about 30 miles away and Nizhny Novgorod draws most of it's drinking water from the Oka river, which contains pollutants from the city of Dzerzhinsk. The drug rehab that we teach at is actually located within the territory of Dzerzhinsk and they use local well water for all of their drinking and bathing needs.

So, when you think of us and those we minister to, pray for our health and protection from the pollution in this area. Also pray for us as Karen and I have actually been talking about the possibility of moving back to Dzerzhinsk and opening a rehab center. We have friends in the city administration and we will be asking them to consider donating a building to be repaired and used as a rehab center. Obviously we will need to take into account the pollution issues as we consider this possible move.

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Fabian said...

Yes, its very heavy in Dzerzhinsk.

We have started a project for children inDzerzhinsk.

Take a look :


Fabian Schmidt