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Friday, September 14, 2007

Rehab Success Story!

Below is a photo of our friends Alexei and Olga with their son. Eight months ago Alexei was a drug addict who had made a real mess of his life. He and Olga were not married but had been living together for several years and had one child together. Alexei was tired of the drug life and when he heard about the rehab center he decided to give it a try.

Over the next few months he gave his life to Christ and began the road to recovery. His mother and father also became believers. Alexei is now drug free, a radiant believer and back to work.

When I first met Alexei he had questions about his relationship with Olga. She was not a believer. I encouraged Alexei to begin praying about the situation. I suggested that the Lord would probably want him to legally marry Olga and provide a family and home for his son. He seemed torn by this but agreed to pray.

About six weeks later Alexei came to me and said that the Lord clearly spoke to him that he was to marry Olga! Olga began attending our home group and in a short while, on a Sunday morning at church, she made a public confession of faith. The next month Olga was water baptized and shortly thereafter the couple married. They will be attending our home group for married couples this fall.

Alexei, Olga and their son
at church after a prayer for the new marriage

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Jess Slusher said...

What an inspiring testimony!