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Friday, September 14, 2007

Rehab Center Growth Crisis

This week I taught at the rehab center operated by Cornerstone Church. I am in the middle of teaching a series on “New Life in Christ”. It is gratifying to teach at the center. Every week we see the dramatic changes that are happening in these young men and women as they come to Christ and begin the walk of discipleship.

It is always interesting to me when I hear about the impact that our teaching and relationships have in these brother’s and sister’s lives. Two of the staff told how our friendship had impacted them and how they appreciate the time we spend with them discussing personal issues and helping to mentor them as they serve the Lord. It is important to remember that the simple things we do and the little things we say can have such a large and enduring impact upon people.

The center is going through a crisis. The drug addiction problem in Russia is immense and Nizhny Novgorod has a large drug sub-culture. As news of the center and its’ success in helping addicts gain their freedom becomes known more and more people want to enter the program. Last week more than 25 people asked to be placed in the center.

This is a good problem but unfortunately the center just doesn’t have any more available space. The center is housed in a small village house on the edge of the city. The house consists of 4 small rooms and has no indoor plumbing or running water. The largest of the four rooms is about 15’ x 15’ and the other three rooms are about 7’ x 10’. The church decided that 20 people was the maximum number of people who could live at the center, but recently the staff said that they would all be willing to sleep on the floor if 25 people would be allowed!

The Rehab Center
A small house with no indoor plumbing

So now, there are 25 people living together in this small house! Another issue is that this house, which is currently being used rent free, is for sale. When the house is sold the center will need a new location.

Dinner at the Center
8 People sleep in this small room
the largest room at the center

Karen and I are praying for the provision of $15,000. With this amount we could purchase another village house and do some basic furnishing. We would then open a separate center which could house some of the overflow as well as new rehabilitants who are entering the program. Please pray with us for the following:

  • Continued success for the center as it effectively works with the addicted
  • A new location – rent free – which will meet the needs of the current center
  • Finances to purchase another location to open an additional center - $10,000 - $15,000 needed
  • Plans to open a regional center in the city of Kristalny Goose, about 300 miles from Nizhny Novgorod.

If you or your church would be interested giving a financial gift toward the opening of a new center please contact us via email at

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Jess Slusher said...

Praise God! I am forwarding your blog to your recovery group.
We would like to become your prayer partners from the Pacific Northwest. They meet tonight and will be in prayer for you. Thanks for the info on how we might send a gift.