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Monday, January 07, 2008

It's Cold!

It was -17F today when we got up, that's cold!

Our car the VAZ Niva 2131 has been running great despite the cold. It starts right up every time though we do have to let it warm up for a good 15 minutes before we drive it. We have had two minor problems with it. The heater core died the day after we bought the car. I took it to the repair shop and had them replace it. I was covered under warranty but the shop had no cores in stock and it would take 6 weeks to get one from the factory! They said that I had 2 choices. Either I could go to any car parts store and purchase one myself, not get reimbursed and they would install it, or I could wait for 6 weeks until the repair place got their stock from the factory and the part would be free. Since it was November and getting colder every day I paid the $20 and spent a whole day in the garage while they did the repair.

About a week later the generator belt came off. We were traveling out of town and I had no tools with me to put it back on. We called a friend who gave us the number of a road-side repair service and one hour and a half later and $50 poorer, we drove away. All in all though, we really like the Niva.

We are able to track the location of people visiting our blog site and we are now averaging 10 hits a day, up more than double from last year. recently we have been getting a lot of hits from someone in Round Rock Texas. We don't know anyone there. If you are that person let us know, and thanks for taking the time to read so many of our stories.

Tomorrow (Tuesday January 8) we will visit a local orphanage and distribute hats, mittens scarves and girls clothing to about 75 kids. Thanks to everyone who sent this clothing. It will be a blessing to these kids. We hope to have photos available later this week.

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