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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

17 Year of Drugs and Crime – Set Free in Christ!

This is Marina. She recently graduated from her first three months of drug rehabilitation. Marina was a young teenager when the Iron Curtain crashed down and Russia opened up to Western influence. One of these influences was a greatly increased drug problem and Marina, like many Russia young people in the 1990’s, began using drugs recreationally. Soon she found herself addicted and she plunged into the typical drug lifestyle of abuse and crime to support her habit.

During this time period, her mother Ludmilla became a believer and began praying for her daughter. Ludmilla was a faithful believer, continually beseeching the Lord to deliver her daughter. In 2004 Pastor Dmitry Zaborski and a team of Russian missionaries arrived in Nizhny Novgorod with the plan to open a drug rehab center and plant the Cornerstone Church.

Ludmilla heard about this and began to attend the church from the first day. She became a leader in the church, organizing a ministry among the mothers of drug addicts and starting several cell groups. Over the last two years Ludmilla continued to pray for her daughter while seeing other young addicts set free from their addiction and find new life in Christ.

Finally, after 17 years of addiction and two years in prison Marina came to the end of her rope and made the decision to enter rehab. It wasn’t easy for her. Thanks to the love and patience of the staff she held on and slowly began to change. Her addiction was conquered and she gave her life to Christ!

In a recent church service she gave her testimony with tears streaming down her face. She thanked her mother for never giving up on her and praying for her through the years. Her plan is to continue on into the second three month course and begin to minister and mentor women who were like her as they enter the rehab program.

This ministry is a vital ministry reaching dozens of people with the message of freedom in Christ every month. We are privileged to be partners with Cornerstone, teaching and mentoring new believers. Thank to all those who contribute toward our support, allowing us to work in Russia.

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