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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Visit to a Russian School

Russian School Classroom

On December 28 we visited a school in the city of Zavolzha. We were invited there by our friend Natalia, who is an English teacher. She asked us to visit her class to meet and speak with her first year students. Several of her students had been questioning the need for them to study English, so she said she would introduce them to some "real Americans", with whom they could speak.

It took nearly two hours to drive to Zavolzha. Once we arrived we were greeted at the door with a noisy crowd of Jr High students who all wanted to see us and say "Hello, my name is ...." in English.

Once we were actually in the classroom we were surrounded by students who wanted us to either sign their notebooks, or in many cases to actually sign our names on there arms! Young kids are so much fun, like a pack of young happy puppies. We spent our time in class hearing a spelling be, listening to some English language presentations and listening to several songs.

Russian Teachers

After the class we were invited to have tea with several of the advanced students and their teachers. It is impossible to actually evangelize in a Russian school but we believe that these times if relationship building are important. Natalia is not a believer but she knows that we are missionaries. We have had several short discussions with her about faith and we are praying that she will open her heart to receive the love of our Savior.

As you read this story please pray for Natalia, here students and the millions of Russian children who have little opportunity to here a clear presentation of the Gospel in a way that they can understand it.

Table Set for Tea

Our Friend Natalia

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