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Saturday, June 14, 2008


The Apostle Paul is my favorite Biblical character. He was a real "man's man". Tough and tenacious. He was authentic, brave and single minded. Paul was a church planter and missionary and generations of church planters and missionaries have looked to him as an inspiration.

In the Christian world today, especially in charismatic/pentecostal circles there is much talk about apostles and the restoration of apostles to the church in the "last days." There are numerous self-appointed men and some women who today claim the title "Apostle". My bottom line thought on the whole thing is, I believe in that there are those in the Body of Christ who function in apostolic ministry, however, if you need to title yourself "Apostle" you are not one.

I know one leader here in Russia who has what could be considered an apostolic ministry. No one calls him "Apostle Sergei," and I think he would be embarrassed if anyone did. He has planted several churches personally and has discipled dozens of leaders and given birth to an indigenous church-planting movement which currently has about 40 churches and is adding 5 or more new church plants every year. That is evidence of ministry along the lines of Apostolic ministry in the Bible.

Here is a really good article which I think speaks clearly to much of what is being said about the "Apostolic Ministry" today.

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