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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bogorodst Rehab Center

This week Michael visited the Bogorodst rehab center along with Pastor Dmitry and several other church leaders. This center is located in a small village about 65 kilometers outside of Nizhny Novgorod. Last winter the church purchased a dilapidated village house and the land surrounding it. Several months ago we began building a new building on the property. This building will eventually house up to 25 recovering addicts and staff. Here are some photos from the visit. The house is being built on a cash basis. The church takes a separate offering every month to help pay for the construction. The hope is to complete this home before cold weather sets in.

Current Village House
This house is a 110 year old log cabin - termites have destroyed parts of it.
The white plastic cover is to keep the rain out. It has electricity but no running water.
It is heated by a brick oven

New Building
This building will eventually replace the existing old village house

Two of the Brothers

Summer Kitchen #1

Summer Kitchen #2
Rehab Garden
Both to feed the rehabilitants and to provide work therapy

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