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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Picnic Wedding Celebration

Today the church celebrated two weddings by holding a church picnic in the forest at the edge of town. Everyone met at 9:00 AM and we caravaned together to the picnic spot, unpacked, set up and had a whole day together. It was a fun day. We ate all day long, played games and just enjoyed the fellowship.

At one point Karen and I were just looking around at everyone and we were amazed that out of about 50 people, 90% were former drug addicts and criminals. We were seeing living miracles in front of our eyes. People who had been the lowest of the low in Russian society, now transformed, filled with joy and having a purpose for their lives.

We are constantly in awe of what we see happening here. Lives being changed on a daily basis by the power of the Gospel.

Here are a few photos

The Two Newlywed Couples

One of the day's meals

Food & Fellowship
Praise & Worship

All 3 Former Criminals & Drug Addicts
Now They Share Their New Life in Christ

Karen and Friends

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