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Friday, August 01, 2008

Building a Home for Drug Addicts

Karen and I work with Cornerstone Church, an indigenous Russian church located in Nizhny Novgorod. A large part of the work of this church is the evangelization and rehabilitation of drug addicts. Last fall the church was able to purchase two small old village houses on a plot of land about 50 kilometers outside the city. One house had to be destroyed. The other house is barely livable. Despite this about 10 young men live there, work there and are being set free from drugs and finding a new relationship with Jesus Christ.

The plan for this property is to build two new homes for the drug rehab center. One home is currently in progress. This is not typical American construction. The house is a simple framed of square logs, sealed with caulking and nailed together. The second floor was recently added and the roof is now going on. The hope is to have the house sealed and livable by the time cold weather sets in.

The entire project has been a cash as you go project. The church members and friends have contributed the money to purchase the land and begin this building. The church has received several gifts from America, but the bulk of the money is from average Russian Christians who believe in this work.

Here are a few photos from a recent visit.

The Road into the Village

The House Going Up

View of the Countryside from the Second Floor
View of the Village
in this picture is planted on a hill
across a ravine near the rehab center.
We eventually hope to purchase this land

Our Friend Sergei
Senior Leader of the rehab. Sergei is looking out the window of the older home.
The house is wrapped in plastic to keep the wind and rain out. Sergei will go to Missionary Training School this fall.
Early next year we will be working with him as he starts a new church and rehab center.

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