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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Russian Wedding - Picnic

Karen and I are back in Russia. We had been in the Boston area for several weeks due to the death of Karen's Dad.

Yesterday (Saturday) we were part of the after wedding celebration of our friends Vanya and Sveta. We went to the edge of town and had an all day cookout/picnic Russian style.

Vanya & Sveta

Vanya is a former drug addict who entered rehab about two years ago. He and Sveta dated 3 years ago, but split up because of his drug addiction. After coming to Christ and getting his life in order he went back to Sveta and led her to Christ. Today he is clean, drug free and a businessman. He and Sveta are members of Cornerstone Church, which is the church Karen and I serve. It is a wonderful thing for us to see this young couple as they begin this new phase of their lives. Drug abuse had nearly destroyed this young man, but because of the power of the Gospel he is now free, married to the love of his life, and pursuing a life with meaning.

Dancing for Everyone
Vanya is a trained Ballroom dancer

As you look at some of the accompanying photos keep in mind that nearly everyone in the photos is a former drug addict.

Cooking Shashleek
(Russian Shish Kabob)

Karen and other ladies preparing salads for the picnic

Old Man at the Well
That's me getting water from a well for cooking

Karen & me with our friend Zhana
Zhana is a recovering addict who hopes to attend
Missionary training School this fall

Kids at the Well
The parents of these children are former addicts
The kids now have a normal happy family life.
It is because of changes like this that Karen and I work in Russia


Amrita said...

Lovely pictures.
Specially as they show how God can change lives.

You all seems to be having a good time of fellowship.

Russian seekh kebobs, wow!

I like that coverd well.

Russian Dating said...

Really...Russian people are very fun loving..

Ukraine women said...

When God works there is really nothing impossible. Thanks God you were there to help them recover from that kind of addiction. God really loves us all.