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Monday, October 27, 2008

Headed to America

Today we are wrapping up things here and packing for our trip to America. We leave in about 18 hours. We have submitted out paperwork for permanent residency in Russia. We hope to receive our residency permission when we return to Russia in April 2009.
We have mixed feelings about our trip to America. Of course we want to see our family and friends. We have a grandchild whom we have never seen. We need to visit our supporting churches and build some new relationships also. However five months is a long time to be away from our work, our friends and our life here.
We love Russia. We love living here, we love doing what we do, and we love our friends here. Last night we went out for dinner after church with our young pastor, his wife and several others. Karen and I kept looking at each other and saying "we will really miss these guys over the next 5 months". I guess that is what missionary life is all about. To be successful you need to become a part of the culture to which you minister. Russia is our home.
Yesterday we had a great service at church. The preaching was really good. It probably helped that I now understand about 80% of what s preached in Russia. We enjoyed being n church after travelling for 3 weeks. We were prayed over for our trip to America. We saw 2 new guys graduate from the rehab program, one from the first course and one from the second course. Attendance was at an all time high at 175 people.
The best thing that happened was during the call for public repentance eight people came forward for prayer! This church is growing and we are so blessed to be a part of it as we serve here.
Well, tomorrow America - land of unlimited internet!


Amrita said...

I 'm sure you will miss Russia, its like your adopted home. but 5 months will pass off very quickly.

Praise God for makingus vessels for His use in Russia. Keep in touch with your blog friends. Tell us what you are doing in America

Margo said...

Welcome back to America...I pray refreshing and His richest blessings as you follow His lead...Maine....Calvary Foursquare