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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Testimony From Russia

Last month we were in Sochi, Russia for a conference of Russian Foursquare leaders. It was a great time of fellowship, fun and relaxation. While in Sochi we met Pastor Sergei Achkasov from the Ark of Salvation church, which meets in the town of Klimovsk, a suburb south of Moscow.

Sergei became a believer at the age of 9 through the ministry of Earl Poysti a Russia who lives in America. Pastor Earl is a radio evangelist who preached for many years via radio broadcasts which reached through the "Iron Curtain. Sergei listened to his broadcasts on a short-wave radio from age 9 when he had no opportunity to go to church or receive spiritual teaching. He would retell everything he heard on the radio to his friends and neighbors. As a young teen Sergei was thrown out of his home by his non-believing parents, but he persisted in his faith. Five years later the family reconciled and today Sergei's parents are believers. Sergei is a classical musician and is a graduate of the Moscow Music Conservatory.

In 1991 Sergei came in contact with believers from Sweden. He went to Bible School in Upsalla Sweden and then returned to Russia were he was part of a team which planted several churches, including one in our home city of Nizhny Novgorod. Today Sergei is pastor of the church in Klimovsk, and also travels as a musician and evangelist. He has a ministry which crosses the barrier between Russian Pentecostals and Russian Charismatics. In Russia there are some big differences between the two groups and not always a lot of cooperation.

We loved hearing Sergei's testimony because for years Karen and I prayed for kids in Russia, and we financially supported the radio broadcasts which Sergei listened to as a child! We were thrilled to hear how the Lord had used these broadcasts, answered our prayers and how Sergei had come to faith as a small boy. Only heaven will reveal all of the people that are influenced by the things we do in this life.

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Amrita said...

Praise the Lord for this testimony. As a child I was greatly influenced by Christian Radio