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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Welcome to Toledo - Spain not Ohio

Our last day in Spain was spent in the old city of Toledo. Toledo is an ancient fortress and has been inhabited since the stone age. There are Roman ruins around the town. Islam ruled here for centuries and the locals drove them out in the middle ages. The entire area is an archaeological treasure.

Toledo was the religious and political capital of Spain during the 1400s-1500s. From Toledo the Spaniards went out to the conquest of mexico, Central and South America. Toledo was the center of the Spanish Counter-reformation. If Toledo and the Spanish had welcomed the Reformation the history of the entire world would have been much different. Toledo and all of Spain expelled their Jewish population in 1493. Into Toledo flowed the plunder from the New World conquest. Toledo is a beautiful old world city and is a center of history for the last 1000 years.

Tomorrow we fly out of Spain and to Frankfurt Germany. From Frankfurt we catch a flight to our hometown, Nizhny Novgorod were we will arrive at 11:00 PM local time.

The Cathedral in Toledo
This Cathedral is Magnificent

Four Photos showing a Panorama view of the City

Here is a video from the same location

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