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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Another Wedding

On Friday September 23 we attended the wedding of our friends Mikael and Tatiana.  

Mikael is a new believer who came to Christ eight months ago when he entered the drug rehabilitation program.  We have been watching him grow in his new found faith for all those months.  He and his bride, Tatiana, had a long relationship together.  Once Mikael came to Christ Tatiana followed, and began serving in the church.  They decided to marry and legalize their relationship when Mikael graduated from the rehab course.   We were honored when they asked us to take part in the wedding and the party afterwards.

Here are a few of the photos that we took that day.

The Bride, Tatiana

Guests Arriving for the Wedding

The Wedding Car
with traditional decorations

Mikael and Tatiana

Exchanging Rings

You May Now Kiss the Bride

Communion Together as a Couple

The New Couple with Family


At the rehab center waiting for the Wedding Party to arrive

Karen and our Co-worker Sveta

Here They Come! 

Cutting the Ribbon In Order To Be Allowed To Enter

Part of Russian tradition is a fun game where the groom has to "purchase" his bride.  This takes place before the wedding.  Mikael did this, but after the ceremony we all went to the rehab center to allow the rehabilitants to join in some of the fun and, with a twist on the game, Tatiana had to "purchase" her husband from the center where he has been living.  This was done by laying paper foot prints up the long, entrance staircase.  Under each footprint (2 on each step) was printed a number or a letter.  She got to choose one footprint from each step and if it had a number she had to pay that many rubles to the center.  Her final debt was 100 rubles (about $3). There was a lot of laughter and fun.

Some of the Young Women Prepared a Skit and a Song

After the rehab center we all drove to a local river where many wedding parties go for photos. 

We counted 8 different wedding parties while we were there and more kept coming as we drove away

Mikael and Tatiana on the footbridge
Some of the Guys with Pastor Oleg (Pastor O 3rd from the left)

After pictures at the river we went to a restaurant for the Wedding Banquet
Here is the Couple as They Enter

A Traditional greeting of bread and salt is presented by the parents as a symbol of health, prosperity and long life. Both bride and groom must take a bite of the bread and the one that takes the largest bite will be the head of the family!

Let's Eat!

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Amrita said...

Wonderrful to see this beautiful couple found new life in Christ and with each other. Really enjoyed the photos.

In India the groom has to buy his way into the reception area, fun thing.

May God bless them both