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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Today, thanks to some generous friends in America, we purchased 116 Bibles.  We will distribute theses Bibles in the various rehab centers where we teach.

When someone enters the rehab program they are given a Bible.  There are always people entering and leaving the program. Some stay through completion, other might leave after only a day or two.  When you leave, even if you do not complete the course, the Bible is yours to keep if you want it.  The Bibles are well used by those in the program.  The rehabilitants read them, study them underline them.

Currently there are over 60 people in the 7 rehabs that we visit and teach in. During the winter months this number will probably double.  The need for Bibles is ongoing and large.  The centers probably use 500 every year.  At a minimum of $3.00 per Bible that can add up quickly.

If you are interested in helping purchase more Bible drop us an email and let us know.

Below are some photos of the brothers taking Bibles into the Social Center for Homeless people.

Tonight two people in this center received a new Bible and they the prayed a prayer of repentance after I taught from Word.

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