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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Typical Friday

On most Fridays we travel outside of Nizhny Novgorod to teach at two rehab centers.  Both centers are operated by Cornerstone Church in the small city of Gorodets.  The work was begun 3 years ago when the drug rehab center was opened in the village of Mogiltsi.  Later the church opened a home to help men and women transition from life on the streets.  Both of the centers were begun when the church had less than 10 people, and no public worship service.  It was only after more than two years of serving their community that the church began to hold public meetings.

Our morning actually started off with finding that overnight someone had tried to siphon our gas tank.  The siphon hose was still in the tank and the gas cap was on the ground covered in dirt.

 We think that whoever it was probably got interrupted by someone and fled from the scene before completing the siphoning.  Fortunately we had enough fuel to drive to a gas station.  Lesson learned, keep the gas cap locked!

 Once we arrived in the Mogiltsi center we found that they had adopted a new dog. Here is Karen with Sarah.  Sarah is a really sweet and well behaved Lab

 After we teach we usually have a meal and tea

 Karen and some of the young women in the rehab program

 Sergei is a senior leader. He began the program just a year ago. Now he serves others as they go through the rehab process.

 As we left the center it was raining.  On the drive to Gorodets we saw this double rainbow!

 At both centers we were able to distribute Bibles

 Some of the brothers at the Social Center (for homeless people) taking notes while Karen teaches

 Three of the brothers and the only sister currently in this center

Karen is signing and writing a blessing in one guys' Bible

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