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Monday, January 29, 2007

Christmas in January

We recently received 8 boxes of clothing and food from America! Because we were busy with the First Nations Team (see articles below), we hadn’t had time to visit the local Post Office. By the time we were able to go we had six notices in our apartment mailbox saying that we had packages waiting for pick-up. We assumed that some of them were duplicates since we hadn’t responded promptly. We took our hand cart and walked to the Post Office assuming that we had 3-5 boxes to pick-up. Imagine our surprise when the ladies at the Post Office gave us two more pick-up slips and now we had a total of 8 boxes! We ended up making two trips from our apartment to the Post Office and back. Each time we loaded our hand cart and pulled the boxes the 6 blocks back to our apartment, up the stairs and into the elevator.

After the last trip we began to open boxes. One box was from Karen’s mom and included cereal and other goodies. Two other boxes had been sent by Grace Capital Church in Concord, NH. These boxes had Ritz crackers, candy, brown sugar, maple syrup, peanut butter, salsa mix and books. What a blessing it was for us to open these packages!

The other five boxes were from The Charlestown, NH Foursquare Church, the Bath, Maine Foursquare church and three from the South Royalton, VT Foursquare Church. These boxes each contained winter hats, socks, sweaters, mittens, scarves, gloves and other clothing items. We will be distributing the clothing through two local churches. The clothing will go to deserving Christian families, orphans and people who are attending a local Christian based drug rehab center.

It is difficult to tell of the blessing it is for a family, orphan or single person to receive needed clothing from their brothers and sisters in America. The simple gift of a warm hat, mittens, gloves or scarves can help families or individuals who are struggling in today’s Russian economy. Thank you so much for blessing the people of Russia and remembering us as we work here in Russia, far from our family and friends.

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Anonymous said...

Really enjoy your blog space....I do missions for church and pull pics and info from there....just checked it out today and the area itself was very interesting... Congrats on your new grandbaby...Calvary Foursquare can check us out also on web... HIS RICHEST BLESSINGS TO YOU IN YOUR SERVICE TO HIM...Margaret, Secretary