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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

First Nations Team - Day Four - January 13

On Saturday the team participated in worship at the local Messianic fellowship. Worship started at 12:00 AM and Heidi and Cheryl quickly joined in the group dancing which takes place every Sabbath in this congregation. After a time of worship through song the team was invited to the platform to share. They talked about their native culture, offered prayer with sage incense and a prayer song on flute and then sang several worship songs and dances. The members of the congregation received them with great joy. At the close of the service, as the worship team was leading a Hebraic song, Cheryl and Heidi danced before the congregation.

After the service many pictures where taken and everyone wanted to meet the “Indians.” This was a good time for all.

In the afternoon we hosted a small meeting at our home to discuss “Contextualization of the Gospel.” The team shared about their experience as First Nations people who had worshiped in white American churches and encouraged the Russian believers to consider the idea of planting new churches which would reach the many people in Russia who will never step inside a traditional Protestant Baptist or Charismatic style church.

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