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Thursday, January 25, 2007

First Nations Team - Day 5 - Sunday, January 14

Above: Pastor Igor Voronin, his daughter Lera, Cheryl Bear and our friend Sveta Kuzmintseva

Sunday was a very busy day for the team. We started the day by visiting a local church called “The Vine” which is pastored by our good friends Igor and Olga Voronin. The team gave their usual presentation, combining Native American culture with a Christian message from a First Nations perspective.
Heidi performing a traditional dance

The team was again, well received. After the service everyone wanted photos and to speak with the team members.

After the Church Service

Heidi with children after the service
Following the meeting we packed all the equipment into two cars and began the 1 ½ hour drive to Zavolzha, where the team would be performing the first of three nightly concerts.

Three photos on the road to Zavolzha

The sign says

"First Time in Zavolzha, 14,15,16 January, Indians from America, free admission.After arriving in Zavolzha, we were served dinner and then had a 15 minute walk to the Cultural Palace were the performance would take place. The purpose of the performances were two-fold. One was to present First Nations culture and spirituality to the Russian People, and the second was to distribute Christian literature and an invitation to a follow-up meeting the day after the three concerts. From this follow-up meeting where the team would share about their relationship to Christ, it is hoped that we can gather a core group for an evangelistic Bible study.

The first night of the concert went very well, We had about 125 people in attendance and they all enjoyed the presentation. Afterwards the team was again surrounded by people taking photos, speaking with the team members and getting autographs.

The Team Onstage

Cheryl with new friends after the concert

After the concert we hired two vehicles and made the 1 ½ hour trip back to Nizhny and to a well deserved rest.

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